Friday, February 20, 2009

CD BABY Rules the Indie Roost at the Grammys

The music world has changed forever. How do we know?

Although I did not make the cut for a Grammy nomination in 2008, Grammy madness is alive for CD Baby artists!

When CD Baby first started, it was nearly unheard of for a truly independent artist to earn a Grammy nomination (much less win one). Now, a little more than 10 years later, at least 15 (yes, 15!) of our artists were recognized for their outstanding achievements with a Grammy nomination in 2008 alone! The list, with links to the artists, is included at the end of this email, and we are thrilled to report that veteran independents (and CD Baby artists) Burning Spear and Pete Seeger both got to take home one of those little golden gramophones! Congratulations to you and all of our nominated artists.

CD Baby artist payments in 2008 up 28% to a record $34 million!
As the major label machine loses its stranglehold grip in the awards arena, it is taking some heavy hits in the sales department, too. While CD sales from major labels and large indies were down 14% in 2008, CD Baby's CDs grew (2%) thanks to hard-working music makers like you. And digital revenues were up a whopping 45%. In total, CD Baby's artist payments were up 28% in 2008. Since our inception, CD Baby has paid out $98 million to independent artists. How's that for an accomplishment?

And if you don't know this, if you release an independent album that sells, YOU TOO can be a voting member of the Grammys. Let's get in there and turn the tide against the dinosaur record conglomerates. Radiohead did it, you can too! Just go to for more info.

If you would like to see a list of CDBABY Artists that were nominated, go here.