Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Do You LALA?

The availability of free music and video on the internet continues to spread. It is clear now that there is no stopping it. And as bandwidth and memory gets cheaper, the Global Free Jukebox comes closer and closer to being the way people want to hear their music. The newest trend to watch is free music streams – like Pandora and the recent addition: This site, recently purchased by Apple, allows you to stream and listen to whole albums for free, download and purchase the music or – and here is where it gets a bit weird: you can listen to each song or album once for free, and if you like what you hear, rather than buy and download the song, you can pay just 10 cents per song and listen to it as much as you want from their website. Confusing? It is simple to use. Go to
type in an artist name (like George Kahn, for example), and start listening!