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Sunday, September 30, 2007

MAX ROACH, 1924-2007

Yes, I know it is over a month since the day that Max Roach died. And over two weeks since Joe Zawinul died. This blog was never meant as an obit file, but these are some important dudes - Joe affected virtually EVERY pianist that lived through the '60s, and Max Roach was the last living member of The Founding Fathers of Bebop. For a brief introduction to this sound, pelase check out a Fantasy recording, released on DEBUT, and available in other releases, called THE QUINTET - Jazz at Massey Hall with Diz on trumpet, Bird on sax. Bud Powell on piano, Mingus on bass and Max Roach on drums, recorded May 15, 1953.
or type Jazz at Massey Hall Quintet into iTunes, and you can hear 30 second samples.
Rather than blab on, Ethan Iverson from THE BAD PLUS wrote a GREAT article on his blog - check it out,it is worth a read, and a listen

all love - George

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